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Club Kilo - Join Up to Own Up

Wed, Jun  20, 2007 - By Pete Vordenberg -

Ticking the Klicks (NOW WITH PHOTOS! Check it out.)

We are underway. And as we get underway we look forward to what the months will bring. We will be randomly giving away some prizes each month. We will be seeing some profiles of different athletes that may be participating. We will be getting some advice from those who making it happen on the top level of Nordic skiing. And, of course, we will be Ticking the Klicks-counting up our hours throughout the months. So don’t be caught sitting on the sidelines, train on with Club Kilo.

Andy Newell at Soldier Hollow this June. Intervals.

Liz Stephen at SoHo this June.

Morgan Arritola on the Oregon coast.

Hours, Kilometers sometimes they fly by...

Driving by a tree farm on the way home from the Oregon camp. Sometimes you are flying past everything, the hours are easy and life is your oyster.

Other times the world flys past you. Broken down on Interstate 15...

Both great days and bad days and everything in between are an important part of the process. Even on the bad days you have work to do, be it rest or training, do it as well as you can everyday and enjoy the process.

Club Kilo - join up to own up. How IN are you? To be your best you have to be ALL IN.


(Vordenberg and Casey Photos)

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