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Karlsen Wins C.A.T. Ski Time Trial at XCHQ

Tue, Jun  19, 2007 - By Bob Frye

Cross Country Ski Headquarters Team Training day started at the Grayling High School parking lot where 14 members of the team went roller skiing, nordic ski walking and mountain biking for close to 3 hours on the paved trail to Hartwick Pines.

Members of the XCHQ cross country ski team head out on their CAT skis


After a cool down dip in Higgins Lake and barbeque lunch, the first ever, team Classic All Terrain Ski (C.A.T. ski) time trials took place. In a field of 9 racers, advancing through the preliminaries, semi finals and finally to win it all, was Steve (Bjorn) Karlsen from Saginaw (Oslo) Michigan!

Congratulations Steve! The team is getting ready for the C.A.T. Ski World Cup Qualifier Race to be held at Cross Country Ski Headquarters On Sunday Sept 2.

The team is very lucky to have 5 pair of C.A.T. skis on loan from Dale Nigman the inventor of the C.A.T Ski.

For C.A.T. ski demos Michigan, skiers should call

In Troy  & Southern Michigan:
Deven Thielfoldt

In Bay City & Mid Michigan:
Frank Rynalski
Up North or anywhere else:
Bob Frye