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Club Kilo Adds Seniors Contest

Thu, Jun  14, 2007 - By Jonathan Rova

Club Kilo is on.

If you haven’t registered yet, that’s O.K. Please use the links provided on this page to download registration forms which can e-mailed ( and payment can be submitted via our Paypal link. It’s that easy! Except for, of course, the training that goes with it.

Club Kilo Seniors Contest

Our contest for Seniors will function in the same way and with the same guidelines as our contest for Juniors. The difference will be an increased fee of $10.00 and no awards given for winners (to avoid conflict with NCAA rules,) although participation awards will be given throughout the contest via a drawing. Please use the forms from the links provided on this page to register.

About the 2007 Club Kilometer Competition

In an effort to encourage the continued development of year-round ski training among our juniors and to focus on shaping our future, we are hosting a competition among clubs and teams in the country for the most hours spent training in the 2007 preparation season under the guidance of a coach or facilitator.

By emphasizing preparation in the contest, rather than just results, we will reward the club/team that has their athletes preparing the most. While “most” does not mean “best” it is a good step in the right direction because generally speaking our European counterparts are training more than we are. Guiding rules and principles developed by U.S. Ski Team coaches Pete Vordenberg, Pat Casey and Matt Whitcomb will help to dictate that the training is “good” and will be followed.

Junior athletes turn in the hours they train for skiing at the end of each week to their coach. In turn, the coach submits a weekly summary of their athletes to Team Today. Team Today maintains this record and a running tally of hours for participating clubs/teams, as well as for top male and female athletes, will be posted here.

From May 28th to Nov. 30th the club with the most number of recorded hours of specified training per athlete will be announced the winner. In addition, the leading female and male athlete will be named as individual winners. Awards for clubs/teams will be donated to the top seven teams and merchandise will be awarded to the top three male and female athletes as well as to participants chosen in random drawings throughout.

In addition, each participant will be asked to change a light bulb. Register this light bulb change on the One Billion Bulbs link below. After all, there’s more than one future to shape. The light bulb tally is on the One Billion Bulbs banner. Registration is required as a club or team. If an individual is interested in participating and is not involved in a club or team please contact Team Today to make separate arrangements.

Registration forms are available on the links to the right. Registration by the competition start date of May 28th is encouraged although registration will be ongoing past May 28th. Just keep track of your hours from that date.

Further questions can be directed to Jonathan Rova at


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