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2007 Central Regional Training and Testing Camp

Fri, Jun  8, 2007 - By Yuriy Gusev

Qualified top senior and junior CXC athletes will join for a week of training and testing on July 1st.

HAYWARD, WI (June 6). Central Cross Country Ski Association is pleased to announce the 2007 Regional Training and Testing Camp for CXC Ski Team, CXC Junior Development Program, Central Regional Development Group, State Development Groups and petitioned athletes.

Group rollerski distance workout, sponsored by Finn SISU/Marwe

“This is the most comprehensive camp we have in the region. Over 40 top athletes and coaches in the region attended this camp last year. Evidence of the quality of the camp and the hard work of coaches is obvious in the outstanding results of the athletes during this past winter. Kyle Fredrickson won Junior National Titles. Laura Valaas joined the USST at the World Ski Championships and skied on to the podium at the U23 World Championships last March. Laura has been named to the US Continental Cup Ski Team (USST B squad) for this year.

This year we already have top athletes and coaches in the region and in the country committed to the camp, including CXC Ski Team members, CXC Junior Development Program members, U-23 World Championships Team members, Junior Olympics medalists, US Ski Team head coach Pete Vordenberg, US Ski Team development coach Matt Whitcomb, CXC Ski Team head coach Bryan Fish and CXC Junior Development Program coach Bill Pierce”, commented Yuriy Gusev (CXC Skiing Chief Executive Officer)

Pizza dinner, sponsored by Coop’s Pizza


Camp will take place on July 1-7 at Cresthill Resort, Hayward WI.


During the camp athletes will perform following activities:

  • Strength Assessment
  • Endurance Assessment
  • VO2/CO2 Testing and analysis(aerobic and anaerobic thresholds, intensity zones, etc.)
  • Ski training activities (technique, distance, strength training, etc.)

General Schedule:

July 1 (Sunday) – Arrival

July 2 (Monday) – VO2/CO2 testing

July 3 (Tuesday) – Distance training (rollerski skate)

July 4 (Wednesday) – 3km time trial (track)

July 5 (Thursday) – Strength Assessment

July 6 (Friday) – Distance training (rollerski classic)

July 7 (Saturday) – Rollerski skate time trial and departure

USST Head Coach Pete Vordenberg and Development Coach Matt Whitcomb work with OJ boys on technique


$100 – Regional Development Group

$250 – State Development Group & Midwest/Great Lakes Junior Olympic Teams members

$400 – Petitioned Athletes*

* Athletes can petition in to the camp by sending e-mail to with their best three results from the last two years and a paragraph explaining how they will benefit from attending this camp.

Please visit to find registration info.

Congratulations to the State Development Group athletes and Midwest/Great Lake Junior Olympic Team members for their achievements and athletic excellence!


State Development Groups

State Development Groups are integral part of the CXC Ski Athlete Development Ladder and critical for development of junior athletes, especially at the younger age.

Criteria: Top ten returning High School skiers from each state championship plus J2 skiers qualified for the two Central Junior Olympic Teams

Cross country ski racing and athlete pipeline seminar by Pete Vordenberg