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Bend Camp

Thu, May  31, 2007 - By Pete Vordenberg -

Go Pro.

team in space.jpg

Lactates at the top of the interval hill. Pro.



  1. Be licensed or certified
  2. Have a regular and systematic method of accomplishing goals
  3. Be ethically and morally strong
  4. Have standards by which you can be judged

kikkan randall mt bachelor.jpg

Kikkan Randall. Any doubt you can be anything but Pro?


Things an XC skier needs to go pro with:

  • Physical training
  • Physical rest
  • Mental training
  • Mental rest
  • Health / nutritional education and attention
  • Technical and tactical attention
  • Sport self-education
  • Team needs
  • Personal needs
  • Family needs
  • Equipment care and selection
  • Travel savvy
  • Financial / educational needs


lava n skier.jpg

Take care of your needs as an individual - go your pace, focus on your technique, get better every day.


karate pat 2.jpg

Mental training is a karate kick you got to have dialed. Pat Casey: Pro.


crew mtbach.jpg

The team - there is no individual success.


kris freeman mtbach.jpg

Training - that's a good place to start. Kris Freeman: Pro.


mt bachelor tracks.jpg

Thanks to Sam Cordell and Mt. Bachelor for the tracks. We could focus on the important stuff.


cook run coast.jpg

XC Ski racers = most fit athletes in the world. Best XC ski racers = most fit humans in the world. Chris Cook: Pro.



Rest for the body and for the mind, gotta have it to go pro.


m gelso mtbach.jpg

Intervals on snow in May. Matt Gelso: Pro.


brokentop n skier.jpg

Easy distance. Gotta have it to go pro.


rock n snow.jpg

Lava rock and snow both once liquid, both liquid again. Eventually.


Torin koos mtbach.jpg

Torin Koos: Pro.


rosie brennan run coast.jpg

Rosie Brennan: Pro.


liz n tree above.jpg

Liz Stephen: Pro.


leif coast run.jpg

Leif Zimmermann: Pro.


team run coast.jpg



mo on the coast.jpg

Morgan Arritolla: Mo Go Pro.


liz ski walk coast.jpg

Supposedly Great White Sharks feed on incoming salmon in this inlet. Locals say you can see them if you are lucky. We are surfing up the coast about 10miles.


little mo big nature.jpg

We are here on the Oregon coast after our Bend Camp. This day we did intervals up this here hill (4 to 5 x 4 to 5 minutes level 4). In the afternoon we lifted weight. We also hit the surf and will play bocce ball on the beach tonight. We're here to help solidify the team dynamics work we did in Bend. We skied a lot, trained a lot and worked hard on team cohesion in Bend now we're bringing it down a notch before heading home.

Are you pro?

Be sure to check out the previous few postings on the Club KM Contest. Go Pro.

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