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West Yellowstone Report: Top 10 List

Thu, Dec  2, 2004 - By Mike Muha

The top 10 most memorable moments at West Yellowstone Ski Festival...

10. "It's a 2 hour wait for dinner, but we only have half an hour's worth of food."

9. The Texas Snowplow.

8. The lasagna at Free Heel and Wheel.

7. Waxing for Thursday's glazed tracks and falling snow. Blue over silver kick wax?

6. Bright sun and perfect kick on Friday.

5. Instructors who talked too long and let us get cold.

4. Instructors who talked too little and worked us hard!

3. "Slow down!" V2-ing up hill as slow as possible.

2. Jon Engin tucking one ski up behind his back as he sped by  us on the trail.

1. The camaraderie of 1,000 wonderfully friendly skiers for all across the country.