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WSTC Raises Almost $21,000 toward Purchase of Stokely Lodge

Thu, May  24, 2007 - By Ed Steinman

The Washtenaw Ski Touring Club (WSTC) has raised $20,725 in pledges toward the Algoma Highlands Conservancy's effort to purchase Stokely Lodge. During a special club meeting held Tuesday night with 30 people in attendance, the club raised $5,725 in pledges: $2,500 from the Club directly and $3,225 in separate personal pledges. With prior pledges of other WSTC members the total now stands at $20,725.

The Algoma Highlands Conservancy (AHC) has been working very hard on plans to acquire the Stokely Lodge and King Mountain property from Astina. The general "feel" is positive, and there is a lot of action ongoing. The outstanding issue is whether there will be enough pledge support to make the decision to purchase a reasonable venture.

"There is a matching donation of $500,000: i.e. the first $500,000 pledged will be matched. This is from a single donor from Grand Rapids and is the only large pledge I'm aware of," reports WSTC Secretary Ed Steinman. "$2 million has to be raised to buy the land. If enough pledges don't come in by next month then the pledges will not be paid and the purchase will not occur. If there are enough pledges then the Club will have to pay it's pledge by August."

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