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Recruiting teams for the Commuter Cup Challenge

Tue, May  15, 2007 - By Missy Luyk

Smart Commute Week is coming up quickly (June 4-8) and we are looking for businesses to sign up for the Commuter Cup Challenge. Sign up a team of co-workers and get involved with Smart Commute Week, a fantastic community event that encourages people to get exercise, tread lightly on the earth and is just plain fun!

Commuter Cup Challenge: We are currently recruiting participation in the Commuter Cup, which is the heart and soul of Smart Commute Week. It's a friendly workplace competition to encourage co-workers to bike, walk, carpool or ride BATA to work. Commuter Cup participants earn points based on the percentage of total employees who "smart commute" to work.

Challenge your co-workers to walk, bike, carpool, or take BATA to work and try to win the commuting contest! The Commuter Cup Challenge is open to all workplaces in Traverse City. Commuter Cup teams can be made up of the entire workplace, departments or divisions- you choose! Challenge other businesses or challenge groups within your own organization. The goal is to increase participation and spread the joys of smart commuting. To learn how your Traverse City organization can participate, call 941-4300 or visit

Commuter Cup team categories:
Mini (2-5 employees)
Medium (25-49 employees)
Small (6-24 employees)
Large (50 + employeess

The goal of Smart Commute Week is to get folks to consider alternative ways to get around town. Smart commuting includes bicycling, walking, carpooling or taking BATA.

As usual, you don't have to have a Commuter Cup team to participate in all of the activities of Smart Commute Week. Please check out the green Smart Commute Posters all over town for the daily breakfast stops or look up our event website.

Enjoy the beautiful sunshine,

Missy Luyk, Trail Program Specialist

TART Trails, Inc.