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Need to Know the Percentage of Graphite in your Ski Bases?

Tue, May  8, 2007 - By Joe Gollinger

Here's for the Skier who has everything.
You hear it here first. -Joe


Dear Joe,

We are producing a small gadget to take the exact measurements of the percentage of graphite present in ski soles [bases]. It is called "GRAPHITEST" and is an absolute novelty.

The need for this measurment arises from the fact that all ski soles are black and hence we never know how much graphite they contain. It is very important to know this percentage of graphite because it permits us to understand and to choose which ski is more adapted to different types of snow: wet, humid, dry, cold in all its variations (more graphite is necessary for wet snows and less graphite for dry snows).

Graphite tester for ski bases

This is a little instrument that should never be absent from those shops specializing in the sale and in the assistance of cross country and alpine skiing, to skiers, to nationals teams, to ski clubs and all those exacting skiers who prefer to leave nothing to chance.

The selling price is Euro 130,00. If you are interested in our offer, please do not hesitate to contact us for a booking, and/or for further information.

Yours faithfully, Slegar Gian Tessari