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CXC End-of-Season Raffle Winners

Sat, Apr  14, 2007 - By CXC Skiing

Central Cross Country Ski Association is pleased to announce the winners of the end of the season raffle. Proceeds supported the CXC Team’s spring trip to Canadian and US Distance National Championships.

The first and second place Grand prizes included a framed World Championship bib autographed by CXC Ski Team US World Championship members Caitlin Compton and Laura Valaas plus custom fitted pairs of 2008 Salomon skis. Congratulations to the Grand Prize winners; Terry Penman of Seeley, WI and Gordon Faulkner of Madison.

Raffle Winners

1st place – Terry Penman, WSC bib & Salomon skis
2nd place – Gordon Faulkner, WSC bib & Salomon skis
3rd place – Deb Raehl, Salomon Ski Bag
4th place – Steve Hoffman, Rudy Project Helmet
5th place – Betsy Borowski, Salomon Backpack
6th place – Darby Nelson, Toko Wax apron
7th place – Jeff Craig, CXC hat & pair of Toko ski ties
8th place – Rachel Demerath, CXC hat & pair of Salomon ski ties
9th place - Steve Weddle, CXC hat & pair of Toko ski ties
10th place – Robert Bodensteiner, CXC hat & pair of Salomon ski ties

“I would like to thank everyone who participated in this raffle and congratulate the winners. Your support is very important to the continued success of CXC Team and all of the CXC programs”. Yuriy Gusev, CXC Skiing Chief Executive Officer.

CXC Team athletes: Caitlin Compton, Matt Liebsch, Laura Valaas, Brian Gregg, Garrott Kuzzy(absent from the photo members Andre Watt and Bryan Cook)