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Introducing the Go Faster Clap System

Wed, Apr  11, 2007 - By Joe Gollinger

Introducing Go Faster

The distinguishing feature of this new boot and binding system idea is the adaptation of the thrust system currently used in ice speed skating to cross-country skiing.

The principal differences between the traditional system and the "Go Faster", and the advantages offered by the new system, consist mainly of the different thrust points: in the traditional system, the thrust is given by the frontal tip of the shoe, while the fulcrum is generally located in front of the shoe itself, while with the new "Go Faster" system the metatarsus is the fulcrum, as in shoes for cycling and ice speed skating. This position transmits the greatest thrust from the foot to the ski.

Another feature of our system is the shape of the shoe – the rigid shell-shaped shoe envelops the foot up to the height of the malleolus, so that the ski responds immediately to the movements of the foot. Almost all the play inside conventional shoes is eliminated.

This new attachment-shoe system has been approved by the EQT Committee of the FIS – Cross-Country Ski – assigned to the examination of new equipment and from IBU for every Biathlon international race.

The new system is called "Go Faster", and it is marketed by ProSkate srl, which has for many years enjoyed great success in the world of ice and in-line skating.

When designing this new thrust system for cross-country skiing – whose distinguishing feature is the rigidity of the entire system – we also wanted to make it as practical as possible. For this reason, we designed a special attachment/release system for the shoe making it possible, when not on the ski path, to walk in comfort after removing the skis.

In this way, we were able to make the shoe/attachment assembly completely rigid when skiing, without using fixed connection systems such as screws and locking devices, which are difficult and awkward to release. The shoe features rubber inserts in the sole so that, in spite of its rigid structure, skiing and walking are equally comfortable

We are at your disposition for every question about it.

Best regards

Joseph S. Gollinger
Chi-Town Sports
Naperville, IL

Maury Pozzi winning on the Go-Faster Clap System.
Notice a teammate also wearing the Go-Faster just behind him.