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Oakland County to Create Highland Oaks Park

Sun, Apr  8, 2007 - By Kathleen Gray

Thanks for Howard Feit for finding this story.

Oakland County is on the verge of spending nearly $2 million for a piece of land that would become the 12th county park.

The 260 acres at Milford and White Lake roads in Highland Township would become Highland Oaks, a park that can be used for hiking, horseback riding, fishing or cross-country skiing. The Oakland County Parks and Recreation Commission will pay $1.9 million for the land, while the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund will pick up the other $1.3 million of the cost.

The Oakland County Board of Commissioners is expected to approve the state grant Thursday, paving the way for the park to open in late summer. But some commissioners remain uneasy that yet another park would open in north Oakland while a controversy brews over Catalpa Park, a sliver of land in Southfield that many feel should have been the next county park.

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