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Lifetime Achievement Award Goes to Ken Dawson, Scorekeeper of the Michigan Cup

Fri, Mar  30, 2007 - By Ernie Brumbaugh

Occasionally, problems arise on the Michigan Cup circuit that linger until one person takes them in tow, figures out what needs to be done and makes sure that it happens.  Such a problem was the scoring of the Michigan Cup.

Prior to computers it was done by hand, and results were often difficult to get.  After computers came in it still took time to get results, score the racers and check for mistakes.  The final announcement was usually not made until Spring.  A number of scorekeepers gave it a shot, but it was not until Ken Dawson assumed the responsibility that skiers were able to know where they stood during the ski season and most importantly we were able to award the Michigan Cup at the relay finale.  With the addition of skiers can check there results on line and send corrections to Ken immediately. 

Ken Dawson and Ernie Brumbaugh
(Photo by Doug Cornell)

If you have not been to the relays and heard the shouts of joy from Team Nordic Ski Racer in 2005 after they pulled an incredible upset over Straits Striders and Ski Headquarters, or 2006 when Straits Striders edged out the Headquarters on the final day, or this year when Headquarters topped Nordic Ski Racer by less than 600 points, you should.  With over 50 relay teams and 150 skiers this has become on the largest and most enthusiastic races on the Michigan Cup Circuit.  And, it has only become possible due the efforts of Ken Dawson. 

So it is heartfelt thanks that the skiers of the Michigan Cup wish to award this plaque to Ken Dawson in honor of his hard work and dedication for something over 15 years of Michigan Cup Scorekeeping.