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MI Cup Reaches Deal with Versus Television

Sun, Apr  1, 2007 - By Theo VonWallmenich

The Michigan Cup Committee today announced the culmination of year-long top secret talks with Versus Television. In describing the details of the new deal, Ray Tingsup, Director of Lower Peninsula Operations for Versus said, “we’ve been looking for something in our Winter lineup to go head to head with American Idol and we think we’ve found it here.  Also, we want to boost our appeal in the Scandinavian-American community so this kills two birds with one stone for us.”

Mike Muha, Captain of Team Nordic Ski noted that the deal will require some adjustments to the MI CUP scoring format, “basically, we’ll total the points for each team at the end of every race. After that, the team with the lowest number of points will have to vote one member off the team.  Should make things interesting.”

Michigan Cup Points Keeper Ken Dawson was on scene pulling his hair out and mumbling “ain’t gonna do it” over and over.  “Don’t mind him,” chided Muha “he’s just worried about having to tally points at each event, but we’ll lock him in a room with a cell phone, laptop and some spreadsheet software.  He’ll get the job done.”

When asked if the new scoring format runs contrary to the Michigan Cup guiding principle of encouraging participation, Michigan Cup Committee Chair Ernie Brumbaugh shrugged, “Principle schminciple. Just think of all the gear I’ll be able to get with my cut of the commission. Then again it is April 1st, probably too early to think about that. Maybe I’ll just go run some intervals…..”