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Final team standings in the Michigan Cup

Wed, Apr  25, 2018 - By Mike Muha

Ken Dawson and Ernie Brumbaugh have calculated the overall Michigan Cup Team Standings for 2018. The Vasa Ski Club ran away with the overall title with 38,286 points, taking advantage of its huge junior contingent. The Cross Country Ski Headquarter was second with 29,623 points.

Hanson Hills / Cross Country Ski Shop narrowly beat the Grand Rapids Cross Country Ski Team for third place, 24,610, to 24,188. 

The total points come from the sum of each individual's best five race points, participation points, and team points from the relay races.

TeamMichigan Cup PointsRelay PoiuntsTotal Points
Vasa Ski Club 33,360 4,926 38,286
Cross Country Ski Headquarters 22,695 3,928 29,623
Hanson Hills/Cross Country Ski Shop 23,069 1,541 24,610
Grand Rapids Nordic Ski Team  22,525 1,663 24,188
Team NordicSkiRacer 17,252 1,678 18,930
University of Michigan Nordic Club 5,157 0 5,157
Straits Striders 3,470 0 3,470