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Toko Birkie Wax Tip

Mon, Feb  19, 2018 - By Ian Harvey

Find the Toko wax tip for the American Birkebeiner HERE and for the Korteloppet HERE. The recommendations will be updated as/if needed.

NOTE: Currently, conditions are very icy. Skins are not working well at all compared to klister. This might change if it snows enough Thursday night. There is also a whole lot of debris (needles, pine cones, twigs) in the tracks.

There is snow forecasted, some tonight, and some Thursday night. The current conditions are klister conditions though. Should it snow enough to change conditions, we will change our recommendation. Also, as we get closer to Thursday night, we will reevaluate kick for the Korteloppet and Birkebeiner.

Also, come to the Toko booth at the expo to talk directly with us about the wax recommendation and score some great deals not only on waxes and tools, but on bags and gloves!