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Michigan Cup Honors Coach John Kostrzewa

Sun, Feb  18, 2018 - By Ernie Brumbaugh

John Kostrzewa announced his retirement as Head Coach of the Traverse City High School Cross Country Ski Racing Team last Fall after 17 years in the job. It has been a remarkable run of service to the racing community. John not only served as head coach, but has attended many Junior National events in many different functions. The Michigan Cup Committee honored Coach K with the presentation of a plaque at the Vasa Classic Awards ceremony where it could be shared with the current crop of Traverse City High School racers.

Ernie Brumbaugh awarding plaque to John Kostrzewa

Michigan Cup Committee Chair Ernie Brumbaugh awarding plaque to John Kostrzewa

A coach is many things including a task master, mentor and friend. If truth be known a coach is one of most influential people in an athlete's life with effects lasting a lifetime. Luckily, Coach K's retirement as head coach does not seem to have diminish his service to the team as he has been at every race continuing to mentor skiers in a assistants role. Hopefully, this will continue for many more years.

Plaque for John Kostrzewa

From the Michigan Cup Committee a very big THANK-YOU to Coach K.