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RESULTS: Krazy Klassic sees repeat winners

Tue, Jan  16, 2018 - By Mike Muha

The morning of the Krazy Klassic classic race was colder, and sunnier, and a bit less windy than the previous day's Frosty Freestyle. The course had two tracks leading into the woods, was triple-tracked through the woods, and had two tracks leading back to the finish / return loop. Many if not most of the skiers double-poled the entire course, eschewing kick wax for better glide and faster times.

Striders found kick wax working well, particularly if they waxed a little warmer then called for by the temperatures. Toko Base Green, put on thick, worked effectively on the man-made snow as well. 

Krazy Klassic cross country ski race

The 7.5km race

Krazy Klassic 7.5km Results (PDF)

The 7.5km racer did three loops around Buck's Run. University of Michigan's Abby Potts, who cheered on her teammates from the sidelines during the Frosty Freestyle, was the fastest 7.5k skier (man or woman) to win the Krazy Klassic in 23:15. Gabriella Armstrong from Lake Placid, New York took second in 25:03, with Saturday's champion, Arianne Olson from Holland taking third in 26:48.

Matt Villalta of Ann Arbor came back from Saturday's victory in the Frosty Freestyle to make it a twofer, winning the Krazy Klassic in 23:42. Midland's Will Laughner took second in 25:57, with Stephen Doll of Ann Arbor rounding out the podium in 27:41.

Krazy Klassic cross country ski race

The 12km race

Krazy Klassic 12km Results (PDF)

Brenda Carlson‐Brown of Grayling (Hanson Hills / Cross Country Ski Shop) cruised in the win in 43:40. Grand Rapids' Elizabeth Embick was second in 43:40. Embick was also second in the Frosty Freestyle. Third was Ann Arbor's Ingrid Liindquist in 47:56.

The top three male winners in Saturday's Frosty Freestyle came back to rule the Krazy Klassic 12k, albeit in a different order, and with a bit more of a time gap between them. At the end of five laps of the 2.5km trail, Team NordicSkiRacer Kyle Hanson, third in the Frosty Freestyle, won the 12km Krazy Klassic in 30:57, just 7 seconds faster than the Frosty Freestyle winner Sam Holmes (Vasa, Traverse City). Holmes time was 31:05. Jay Woodbeck of Team NordicSkiRacer and Farmington Hills was third in 31:52, just edging out Lars Hallstrom from Brighton. (The posted results show at tie, but the race was actually measured in tenths of a second, and Woodbeck had the advantage). All three double-poled the race.

Krazy Klassic cross country ski race