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A word from Race Central

Fri, Dec  15, 2017 - By Curt Peterson

It is fun to help pull off a nordic ski race. We are so thankful for the total support of Lakes of the North crew. They have been grooming day over day to compact the abundant snowfall. We will have a wonderful luncheon after the race this Sat. And in our kitchen at race central at the moment we are now complete in that the awards are finally glued together, the forms are done, the finishing cards are done, and the final results posters are done.

The Marg is still not finished but will be in a few minutes as I am not racing. Jeremy Treadwell, craftsman, has put on another rung on the Michigan Cup so we can post future club winners. Tomorrow we will get the race course marked for Satuday's event concentrating on the start and finish areas. Thanks all volunteers and skiers. This is a great first of season nordic event opener.

See you there.

Lakes of the North Race Central