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2018 Michigan Backcountry Ski Series

Sun, Dec  10, 2017 - By Mike Muha

Not all the racing in on groomed trails. For a decidedly different adventure, there's the 2018 Michigan Backcountry Ski Series:

Sunday, January 7, 10:00am: Poto-Raid

Pinckney Recreation Area

*Potto Raid - ever ski the Potto? Here's a chance to do it with a gang. Gorgeous, ridgey, technical challenge on the 18-mile. Go there first by yourself and learn how to do the descents (esp. the last big one by Silver Lake). This is a 4-stage raid. 3-4 hrs. bring food, wax, maybe protection. parking lot potluck apres'. Sunday Jan 7, 10am, no snow 14

Sunday, January 21, 10:00am: Stinchfield Loppet

Stinchfield Woods between Dexter and Pinckney

Stinch Loppet - ever ski Stinch? Gorgeous big safe hills. holds snow. 2 hr no-drop regroup picnic tour w parking lot potluck apres'. Sun Jan 21, 10am, no snow 28

Saturday, February 3, 10:00am: Fire'n'Ice

Huron Meadows Metropark, Brighton, MI

Fire'n'Ice - ever ski a party relay w a lot of beginners? Come to Huron Meadows, Brighton and rent and have fun. reliable course due to snowmaking. maybe we even luck out and get the scenic river view option. chili feast. donation accepted. fast are paired w newbs. everybody helps the party. Saturday Feb 3, 10am

Saturday, February 24, 10:00am: Mason Track Out'n'Back

Chase Bridge Road Trail Head

Mason Tract Out'n'Back - our first up-north ski party! We'll tour the trail down the riverside then have a picnic then hammer it on the way back and have another picnic! Sat Feb 24, 10am

Saturday, March 3, 9:00am: Jordan Jam

Jordan River Pathway between East Jordan and Kalkaska

Jordan Jam - ever do a challenging ski? Here's your chance. 19 miles steady chug, all day, over 3 watersheds. A literal mile of herringbone. Gorgeous waterways. Supreme season finale. eSpert descending skills suggested. Sat Mar 3, 9am.

(if you have questions about what or where about any of these events, first google...) 

Not sure how to ski ungroomed trails? Watch on:

Poto Raid cross country ski race