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Grand Rapids Rollerski Race, Nov 5...with twist!

Mon, Oct  23, 2017 - By Andy Liebner


Coach Andy Liebner of the U.S. Ski Pole Co. is hosting the “Unofficial Freestyle Roller Ski Race Season Prep Challenge.”

WHEN: Sunday, 5 November 2017

WHERE: Millennial Park, Grand Rapids, Michigan.


REGISTRATION OPEN: 9:30 INDIVIDUAL STARTS BEGIN: 11:00 at 30 second intervals


UNIQUE RULES: All participants must compete pulling (via bungee cord attached to a drink belt) a pre-regulated and prepared half or whole car tire unless a special circumstance is granted. Time bonuses given based on weight of tire. Prepared tires and sized bungee cords will be provided. Participants are encouraged to bring their own. This is to reduce roller ski wheel speed advantages and increase safety of use on the bike path. Meeting point is the parking lot on Maynard Ave SW in the center of Millennial Park.

AWARDS CEREMONY: 20 minutes following the final finisher.

FREE DEMO SESSION following with: Ski Poles, Roller skis, Boots, and Hammer Nutrition products

SPONSORS: Coach Andy Liebner, United States Ski Pole Company, Rundel Sport, Alpina, Hammer Nurtition

CONTACT FOR MORE INFO: Thierry Werderits (657) 291- 5569

Unofficial Freestyle Roller Ski Race Season Prep Challenge sponsors