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Reflections on the 2017 Michigan Cup Season

Tue, Apr  18, 2017 - By Ernie Brumbaugh

Has anyone else noticed? Six of the ten top Senior Men were in their 20’s and 30’s. Five of the top twelve Senior Women were in their 20’s. While the old guard continues strong, we have a new wave of very good young skiers taking their rightful place at the head of the Michigan Cup results. Perhaps the fear of an aging sport is somewhat misplaced. Let’s hope so.

This is the third year of the University of Michigan Ski Club’s participated in Michigan Cup races. What a welcome addition to Michigan Cup skiing and a real boost to the youth movement. What if we had several more college ski clubs?

Michigan Cup Juniors posted some very strong results at Junior Nationals this year. Reid Goble was 14th and 18th in the very deep and strong U18 Men’s class. Sarah Goble posted a 4th and 7th place finish in the U20 Women’s class. Sarah teamed with Mary Lyon while Reid teamed up with Mitch DeLong to lead a strong relay finishes in the U20 class.

North of M55 it was a pretty decent snow year. South of M55 it was a disaster. Yet, Michigan Cup skiers continued to turn out at the races. Enthusiasm was great. Keep it up.

Chemical base skis made a statement at several classic races this year, Hanson Hills and the Vasa Classic were in the 30’s and very tricky waxing. Fischer Zero’s and their counterparts with other ski companies were the ticket. Skins also worked well for some skiers also. The trick seemed to be treating them with some sort of fluorocarbon spray or liquid to prevent icing. The right treatment was elusive though, as several skiers were seen banging skis against trees in the Vasa to remove icy build-ups. I’m thinking a skier with extra cash just might want to invest in a pair.

Think local. Where possible buy local and support the businesses that support us. I for one am more than willing to pay a little extra when my money gets reinvested at races here at home. And, with price guarantees I may not even have to pay extra. I broke a ski pole very early on at the Black Mountain Classic and skied on for about 4 k’s to the first aid station where to my great relief US Ski Pole had a stock of race ready ski poles. It made my day for sure! Check out who the sponsors are for the races in the Michigan Cup circuit and where possible patronize them.