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Is the Vasa Ski Club running away with the Michigan Cup team title?

Tue, Feb  21, 2017 - By Mike Muha

Ken Dawson has released the current Michigan Cup standings as of the Vasa Classic. Ken says, "Vasa team seems like they are running away with the team title and the Dawson's haven't even switched over yet!" [For those who don't know, the Dawson are in the process of moving to Traverse City.]

  1. Vasa Ski Club- 26,958
  2. Cross Country Ski Headquarters - 20,022
  3. Grand Rapids Nordic Ski Team - 17,879
  4. Hanson Hills / Cross Country Ski Shop - 15,754
  5. Team NordicSkiRacer - 12,180
  6. University of Michigan Ski Club - 9,742
  7. Straits Striders - 3,807

If you look at the individual standings, you can start to see why: Half of the top three spots  in the various Michigan Cup categoriesare owned by the Vasa Ski Club:

Junior Men

  1. Elliot Smith (Vasa) - 772
  2. Ted Roe (Vasa)  - 582
  3. Andrew Amato (Vasa)  - 558

Junior Women

  1. Dana Pflugheoft (Vasa)  - 728
  2. Emma Schwab - 592
  3. Kelly Klettner (Vasa)  - 560

Senior Women

  1. Rebecca Davis (HH/CCSS) - 992
  2. Jordyn Ross (GRNST) - 992
  3. Abby Potts (UM) - 944

Senior Men

  1. Sam Holmes (Vasa)- 998
  2. Jay Woodbeck (Team NSR)- 997
  3. Alex Smith (XCHQ) - 982

The senior women's and senior men's divisions are close: Rebecca Davis leads Jordyn Ross only because she has beat Ross in head-to-head racing, even though they have identical scores. And Sam Holmes is just one point over Jay Woodbeck in the Senior Men's division.

In the Junior divisions, Elliot Smith and Dana Pflugheoft look pretty well entrenched in first place.


What abou you? See the full Individual Michigan Cup Standings as of the Vasa Classic (PDF) for where you stand.