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Last year for Wabos Loppet!

Fri, Feb  10, 2017 - By Susan Byker

Stokely Creek is announcing that this is the last year for the Wabos Loppet. If you have never done the Loppet or want to do it one last time this is the last year to do it. This wonderful ski from Wabos to Stokely has so much history of great fun. Next year we have a new event that we will be introducing, but this year it is time to celebrate for the last time the ski from Wabos back to Stokely. Call soon: Registration ends FEBRUARY 24th, 2017.

Looking back across Bone Lake from Norms.

Looking back across Bone Lake from Norms.

The Annual Wabos Loppet
Saturday March 4, 2017

Chuck Peterson, Hakon Lein and several other Stokely Creek and Sault area skiing enthusiasts started the Wabos Loppet in1980. For 36 years, Loppetiers have been skiing the 27 km Loppet from the sleepy town of Wabos to Stokely. Gaylen and Susan Byker thank Gary Oak for being the guide who leads the eager group of skiers to the beginning of the trail in Wabos and sends us on our way.

The annual Wabos Loppet will be a little bit different in it's 37th year. The train is not running and we have decided to use buses to bring everyone from Stokely to the lumbering village of Wabos, The route promises to be just as scenic.

The two refreshment stops along the way are strategically planned, with one at Sheppard Lake and the other at Norm’s new cabin. The celebration lunch and party happen at the end at Stokely’s Day Skier Cabin. Skiing through the wilderness, the camaraderie of friends and the groomed trails going up and down and around are there own reward. The Loppet is about the silence of the forest, the sound of the creek, the tranquility you experience and the satisfaction of meeting the challenges of the Stokely trails. 

Wabos to Stokely Creek cross country ski, Wabos Loppet

Details of this year's Loppet

  1. Buses will leave the Stokely parking lot at 9:00 for a scenic drive to Wabos.
  2. From 7:30 to 9:00 a free welcome continental breakfast of Stokely’s homemade muffins, and robust coffee will be served in the Day Skiers Cabin before getting on the buses .
  3. If you stay at Stokely Lodge it is much more convenient to have breakfast here and walk down to the buses in the parking lot, since the bus leaves from Stokely. Staying at the Lodge would be a perfect option.

The use of buses was a major success last year. Guests loved catching the bus at Stokely and being able to drive home rather than being bused back into town at the end of the day. Last year was a trial year and our loppetiers encouraged us to continue.

Cost: $85 CDN/person (including tax)
*Remember American friends that your dollar is very strong right now, has been up to 35% more. Best time in recent history to take a Canadian vacation.

Call Stokely at 705-649-3421 (local) or 1-866-786-5359 to make your reservations.