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Heading to the JNQ races at Michigan Tech?

Thu, Dec  15, 2016 - By CXC Skiing


  1. We have lots and lots of snow. More than three feet in a week.
  2. Courses are open all day Friday. Most of the sprint course is on the lit portion of the trails; most of the distance course is not.
  3. There is a coaches meeting Friday at 6 pm at the Michigan Tech Student Development Complex room 237. Coaches are encouraged to pick up their team’s bibs after the meeting.
  4. Bibs not distributed at the coaches meeting can be picked up at the race secretary building at the trailhead starting at 8 am Saturday.
  5. Sunday bibs will be distributed from the race secretary building starting at 8 am Sunday. We will bag team bibs together.
  6. For the classic sprint, per the Midwest Jr Committee, glide wax is limited to paraffins HF, LF or Hydrocarbons. No pure fluoro blocks, powders or liquids allowed for Saturday's race.
  7. In compliance with new FIS and USSA regulations, pole length will be checked for classic races. Athletes will be measured while wearing their ski boots, and the length of their poles measured from the tip to where the strap comes out of the handle. Poles may be no more than 83% of the athlete's height. Our pole height checking device will be located in the Community Wax Room at the trailhead for your use prior to the competition.
  8. Maps for the 1.5km sprint course, and the 5km and 7.5km distance courses are at
  9. The daily schedules, including a PDF of the detailed Saturday sprint schedule, are at

Michigan Tech Nordic Skiing Center
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