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Update on Lakes of the North Freestyle

Thu, Dec  15, 2016 - By Curt Peterson

Update for all skiers...... There is lots of snow at Lakes of the North. Today the weather was wicked but the weather is supposed to moderate for Sat. The course has been groomed and more will take place. All 42 Michigan Cup Coaster Awards are ready to go along with the Leader Boards.  Bring all the juniors you can. They ski for free at both the Lakes of the North and Sunday at Forbush.

All 42 Michigan Cup Coaster Awards are ready to go along with the Leader Boards.

Scoring at Lakes of the North is as follows:

  1. Self timing as we are NOT timing and save you that money in the low registration fee. Plus free luncheon for all racers.
  2. For registration: after filling out the registration form and paying and getting your bib number, you MUST go to the leader board and enter your race info: name, bib number, and club affiliation under your category (i.e. senior women 40 - 49). All this is done at registration.
  3. At the finish:
    1. Stay in finish order and 
    2. Pick up a finish card that you will need to fill out on the spot. It has your overall "across the line position" but you must legibly fill out the card and deposit it the finish container.
    3. For back up scoring you will tear off your bottom portion of your Road ID bib number and present it to the volunteer who retains it in exact finishing order.
  4. Senior Men start at 11am, Senior Women 11:03, Junior Men 11:06 and Junior Women at 11:09
  5. The course is 7.5km and the race is freestyle. There are no classic tracks. Touring freestyle skiers are encouraged. Just start at the back of each wave and party with fellow skiers.
  6. Have fun.
  7. If you see new skiers please make them feel welcome to our fraternity of ski till you drop.

Vasa Ski Club