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Local Juniors race for points to attend Junior Nationals

Sat, Nov  26, 2016 - By Mike Muha

The 2017 Junior National Championships will be held on the Mt. Van Hoevenberg cross country ski trails in  at Lake Placid, New York this year. Juniors earn points in Junior National Qualifier (JNQ) races during the season to qualify for Junior Nationals.

Great Lakes District (GLD) cross country ski racers

This season, the Great Lakes District (GLD) Junior National trip to Lake Placid will be lead by Coach Nick Baic. The trip is estimated to cost between $1500-$1600.  This includes van (15 passenger) transportation from Marquette, food, lodging, entry fee and coaching services.

Baic says the qualifying skiers will be traveling through Canada (saves 5 hours of driving) and recommends they get their ID/Passport ready!

There are three weekends of qualifying races that GLD skiers will attend. Each venue features a tough, hilly course to help prepare them for the Olympic trails at Mt. Van Hoevenberg, home of the 1932 & 1980 Winter Olympic Games.

GLD 2017 JNQ schedule

Dec 17-18

Michigan Tech University, Houghton, MI
Sat: Classic Sprint
Sun: Freestyle Interval Start 5/10/15 Km

Jan 21-22

Birkie Trailhead, Cable WI
Sat: Classic Interval Start 5/10 Km
Sun: Freestyle Mass Start 5/10 Km

Feb 4-5

Al Qual Trails, Ishpeming, MI
Sat: Freestyle Interval Start 5Km women and J2 boys, 10 KM J1/OJ Boys
Sun: Classic Mass Start  5 Km JS’s, 10 Km J1/OJ’s

Skiers are also expected to ski in Michigan High School Championships, even though it is not a Junior National Qualifer:

Feb 17-18 (Non-JNQ)

Michigan State High School Championships
Vasa Trailhead, Traverse City
Fri: Freestyle 5 Km
Sat: Classic 5 Km & Classic Sprint 1Km

More information can be found on the Great Lakes District web site.