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Pursuit offers new Fork Flex Roller Skis

Sun, Apr  24, 2016 - By Mike Muha

Pursuit is shipping a new "Pursuit Fork Flex Roller Skis" with a new dynamic Fork Flex™. says, "It's our best rollerski reinventing rollerski flex. Super low frame and end flex from spring steel simulates the flex of a ski better than concave flex typical of composite frames.

Pursuit Fork Flex Roller Skis

Features of the new rollerski include:

  • Wheel size: 100x24 mm
  • Height of top of frame unweighted: 50 mm
  • Frame thickness: 20 mm
  • Ground clearance unweighted: 30 mm
  • Smoother ride and snappy feeling with no pivot points to rattle or wear out
  • 620 mm wheelbase 1,688 g/pr including fenders
  • 670 mm wheelbase 1,744 g/pr including fenders
  • Weight distribution more closely simulates the feel of a long snow ski
  • Flatter flex is more real than concave flex
  • Fenders standard
  • 200 lb (91 kg) weight limit
  • Longer 670 mm wheelbase, 105 mm wheels, and Pursuit pull brake optional

Expect a full review of the rollerski shortly. For now, you can watch Pursuit's video of the ski: