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Get waxing! Michigan Cup and GLD waxing recommendations

Thu, Jan  28, 2016 - By Mike Muha

Wax recommendations for this weekend's Michigan Cup and GLD cross country ski races.


Meijer State Games Of Michigan - Forbush 8K/18K Freestyle

Forbush Corner, Frederic, MI

Solda recommendation:

Looks to me like the track will be well groomed with a little new snow mixed with what was there. It will not be too cold and the last grooming will be when the temps are getting milder. Start time 10:00 with temp right around 0ºC (32F).

Base: Solda UF 7.

Base: Solda UF 7 and Performance Green mixed 50/50/
Paraffin: Solda F31 Orange (if you still have some). Or Solda F31 Red.

Base: Solda UF7 and Performance Green mixed 50/50.
Paraffin: Solda F40 Orange Special (if you still have some). Or use the new Solda F40 Red Special.
Powder: Solda HP04.
Top Coat: Solda Powerjet 1, corked and brushed.

Boyne Mountain JNQ Sprint Race

Boyne Falls, MI


Meijer State Games Of Michigan - Hanson Hills 12K Classic

Hanson Hills Recreation Area, Grayling, MI

Solda Recommendation

This Classic race a the Hanson HIlls track is part of the Michigan Cup. Start time is 10:00. Start time temp is right around -1C (30F)

Solda Glide Wax:

Solda UF7

BETTER WAX: Base Solda UF 7 and HC28 mixed 50/50
Paraffin: Solda F15 Red and F15 Yellow mixed 50/50

Base Solda HC28; scrape and brush. Then a layer of Solda UF7
Paraffin: Solda F40 Red Special and F40 Yellow Special mixed 50/50/
Powder: Solda Fluor 100
Top coat: Solda Powerjet 1 or Powerjet 5 corked and brushed.

Kick wax:

I would go with Rex Powergrip Violet. Apply to a clean kick zone by using a heat gun to gently warm the wax and then dab a dot to the base. Then repeat until there are light dabs all along the kick zone on the base. Heat the dots of wax with the heat gun and use the thumb to smooth it out.

Boyne Mountain JNQ Distance Race

Boyne Falls, MI


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