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Cross Country Ski Headquarters off to early lead in the Michigan Cup

Wed, Jan  6, 2016 - By Ernie Burmbaugh

The Cross Country Ski Headquarters off to early lead in the Michigan Cup after the first race of the season.

Here are the standings as of the 6 Hour Michigan Cup Relay at Hanson Hills on January 2, 2016:

24 - Cross Country Ski Headquarters
14 - Hanson Hills Cross Country Shop
10 - Team Nordic Ski Racer
8 - Grand Rapids Nordic Ski Team
4 - Vasa Ski Club

The results are below so please check them and confirm my point totals (1 Point per team member that participates):

Relay TeamMember 1Member 2Member 3TeamTotal Laps
Hog Wild Racing Bruce Barton Rebecca Davis Mike Davis HH/CCSS 18
In It To Thin It Bob Smith Joe Brown Brenda Carlson-Brown HH/CCSS 18
Lost In Transition Steve Seager Chris Seager Robin Luce HH/CCSS 17
DND Karen Dawson Ken Dawson Frank Nizio NordicSkiRacer 15
Uptown Funk Mariah Frye Colie Ryan Halstead Fran Upton XCSKIHQ 10
Team Twenty Ron Baker Rick Neiev Linzew Weeks XCHQ 9
Stroll Through the Woods Carole Merwin Tom Wernette Larry Herbert XCHQTRS 7
VASA 1 Glen Goodman Cliff Onthank Weston Willoughby VASA/HH/CCSS 21
Perfect Health RIP Don Camp Allen Sorgenfrei Steve Smigiel jr. GRNST 21
Banana Belts Blair Zordell Bob Triebold Randy Bladel GRNST 20
You Can Call Me Al Ethan Kennedy Alex Dennis Ian Kennedy XCHQ 19
Team Nordic Vortex Doug Cornell Toney Percha Mike Muha NordicSkiRacer 17
Team in Training Larry Kanaby Dave Borton Mike Temkin XCSKIHQ 17
Walt and Friends Walter Johnson Jim Anderson Matt Ashton HH/CCSS 17
3 Legged Dog Charles Moore Garrett Ruffner Spencer Ruffner NordicSkiRacer 16
The Eagles Steve Smigiel Ernie Brumbaugh Dan nolan GRNST 16
3 Trick Vasa Ponies Hap Wright Gabe Wright John Todd VASA 12
Skiing Into Shape Dan Torongo Doug Ball John Mckeon XCHQ 7
Snow Machines Jon Hunter Greg Merwin Mark Smith XCSKIHQ 4
Sno Slugs Cristi Williams Chloe Lawson Kavi Neiev XCSKIHQ 7

Racing continues this weekend with the Frosty Freestyle on Saturday and the Krazy Klassic on Sunday.