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UPDATED: Michigan Cup 6 Hour Team Time Trial a GO!

Wed, Dec  30, 2015 - By Mike Muha

Justin Andre reports great skiing at Hanson Hills Recreation Area, with 7 inches of snow from the recent storm. Justin plans to hold the Michigan Cup 6 Hour Team Time Trial this Saturday as scheduled. Says Justin,

Hanson trail is shaping up well. I don't think we will have a problem holding the 6 hour team relays this weekend.

The time trial starts at 10:00am. Relays teams consist of three people taking turns skiing a loop over a six hour period.

More details:


  • Registration from 8:30am-9:30am (Lodge)
  • $45 PER TEAM = $15 PER PERSON (team money must be paid all at once)


  • Teams will consist of (3) members.
  • Categories of teams will be; ALL MALE team, ALL FEMALE team, CO-ED team.
  • Each member of team must complete at LEAST (1) Lap during the 6hr period.
  • Only (1) Team Member on course at a time.
  • Each TEAM will be provided with a Lanyard with a designated team number, Lanyard will be used as a Baton. Team member must have Lanyard with them to have laps scored. TEAMS MUST EXCHANGE NUMBER LANYARD WITHIN THE PRE DETERMINED EXCHANGE ZONE.
  • Teams will be provided with a personal lap counting sheet, (this is for team’s use only, cannot be used for official results)


  • Timing will begin at 10am.
  • Teams have until 3:59pm to start the final lap.


  • When skier is finished with his/her “turn/leg”. They must immediately and politely “SELF REPORT” number of laps that they have skied that “turn/leg” at the officials table. If you do not report, those laps will not be counted.
  • Hourly Lap reports will be posted.

Michigan Cup 6 Hour Team Time Trial