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2016 US Nationals have snow

Mon, Dec  21, 2015 - By US Championships

December 21, 2015 – Race organizers and groomers met this morning to discuss the trail conditions, weather forecasts, and contingencies for the U.S. Cross Country Championship, Jan. 3-9, 2016. After the weekend’s snowfall, we have a sheet of ice as a base covering our trails and currently have 2″-4″ of packed powder on top of that. Most trails have a classic track set to a normal depth and feel like midwinter skiing with mild weather. The trail system is currently in great shape. We are snow farming in case we need to patch sections of trail.

We are going forward full speed with plans to keep everything at the Michigan Tech Nordic Training Center.  Plan to proceed with your travel logistics as normal.

Aside from possible race course loop changes, the other contingency is the possible trail closing for a training day if we need to preserve the course. There are alternative ski areas groomed and prepared for you to train, but having a pair of rock skis handy for such a situation would be advised.