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Borah Teamwear goes Solar!

Sat, Dec  12, 2015 - By Borah Teamwear

Coon Valley, WI. It is now official, Borah Teamwear has completed the installation of a 49 Kilowatt solar array, which will produce about 43 percent of the company’s annual electricity consumption. The system was installed on Borah’s existing south facing roofline and utilizes 160 solar panels.

“Our mission is based upon creating a positive and healthy work environment. By combining solar power with our made in USA commitment, we are without a doubt achieving this mission for our employees, customers and the environment,” said Chris Jackson, company owner. “Now, not only are we creating local jobs, we are also doing our part in reducing our carbon footprint, it just makes sense on so many levels,” added Jackson.

To finance the project, Borah qualified for a Focus on Energy grant and federal tax credits; the remainder of the price was paid outright. Borah encourages all businesses to look into the available incentives and resources within their respective communities. Ethos Green Power, a locally based company, assisted Borah from concept to completion, essentially providing a turnkey solution. Alicia Leinberger, owner of Ethos, had this to say;

“The solar array will pay for itself in about six years, and then save Borah at least $160,000 in the next 20. Equally important, the solar array will avoid 55 tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year.” Because all the components are manufactured in North America, Borah's investment in on-site solar electric generation supports the concept of the triple bottom line - where people, planet, and profit are all part of a sustainable business model.

Solar Panels at Borah Teamwear

Shown left to right, Raven Stevenson, Production Manager, Chris Jackson, CEO and Ben Wizner, Sales and Marketing Director atop the factory with the new solar panel array live and soaking up some serious sun rays behind.

Borah Teamwear intends to add a link to their website at, which will show real time and over-time performance of the system. The company is more than willing to share information with any inquiring businesses wishing to discuss Borah’s experience as it relates to the solar project.

For more information, visit or call 800-354-2825, M-F CST.