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NordicSkiRacer Still Leads Michigan Cup Team Standings

Fri, Mar  9, 2007 - By Ken Dawson

This is the current team standings leading into the final individual weekend.   The Jr. Races scheduled for Hanson Hills but subsequently moved to the UP due to lack of snow have not been included.  Although it could result in a slight edge for NSR, the points are unlikely to affect any major changes.  

The senior men’s race will come down to Steve Kuhl and Hugh Pritchard.  Hugh will need to win both races on Saturday and Sunday in order to tie Steve.  In this case Hugh would be declared the winner due to head to head competition.  Rumor has it Steve is talking Hugh into going to the Bear Chase instead and is including all expenses paid.  And you thought we do this for the fun of it!

Team Standings:  Through Black Mountain

  • NordicSkiRacer – 24,206
  • Cross Country Ski Headquarters – 23,396
  • Strait Striders  - 19,513
  • Grand Rapid Nordic Ski Team– 18,983
  • Hanson Hills/Cross Country Ski Shop – 18,536
  • Traverse Nordic Ski Club – 16,365
  • Ohio Nordic – 4,250