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New Toko flagship waxing iron: The T18 Digital Waxing Iron

Wed, Nov  4, 2015 - By Ian Harvey

Why is this iron exciting? Beside having a super nice form, soft hand grip, cord conveniently coming out of the side making it more manageable, thick graduated base plate, quality digital performance, it also goes much hotter than our other irons. The T18 heats up to 180C which is more than enough to apply the new harder powders. If you are using race waxes, this is the best waxing iron that you could have. MSRP $440.

Toko T18 Digital Waxing Iron

So pumped about this new @tokous "coach's pack." It's a gigantic, waterproof backpack with side pockets for shoes or water bottles. I fit all the kit I needed for a day of 'cross in it with room to spare. Way more useful than I anticipated it would be based on the photos. - Professional Cyclecross Racer Adam Myerson

Toko Coachs Pack