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$40 for 40th White Pine Stampede. $20 for WPS 1 skiers

Tue, Oct  13, 2015 - By Jack Mckaig

The entry blanks are in the mail; the online registration is up and running; the shirts have been ordered; we are ready

The entry fee for the 20KM and 50KM races will be only $40.00 until 11/1/14 in honor of our 40th anniversary.

The race committee is inviting back all 92 entrants from WPS I. If any of those folk would like to ski your entry fee is $20.00 for the race of your choice. HOwever, if yu have no desire to ski please come and help us celebrate the 40th birthday of the event that you helped build.

Any questions? I can be reached at my office phone 231-587-8351 or email at mckaigjh@gmail

I look forward to seeing you all in February.
Jack Mckaig

[ is a Gold Sponsor of the White Pine Stampede. Here's a scanned 2016 White Pine Stampede registration form (PDF).]