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Custom poles for competitive ski clubs

Thu, Sep  10, 2015 - By Andy Liebner

 From the production team at the United States Ski Pole Factory:

It’s been a great summer for us and the rollerski market.

We now offer any of our pole models to competitive ski clubs with your own custom graphic for only $5 extra per pair without requiring any minimums!

Everything we offer is 100% produced and manufactured in the USA.

Updated competitive ski club order form:

Improvements from last season

We, the United States Ski Pole Company, have made some changes based on last season’s feedback. This year we are offering skinnier grips, a smaller wedge cavity on the pole mount, our wedge has stronger hinges and we’ve made improvements to the look of our graphics.

This is a good time to introduce our new patented tip system. Use the same tip all year and easily change basket sizes with a 90’ twist. This season we will also be offering our components in black, blue, white, and bright pink!

We have great deals going into this season without requiring any preseason orders. We’ll deliver when you request anytime of the year without minimums!

United States Ski Poles, xc ski poles

American Business building model

Our business model is designed for teams to place orders through their local shop. We want to support the whole skiing industry chain and keep supportive local ski shops in business. The prices offered here are reasonable for any ski shop to offer you, so after you’ve returned it to me or your local ski shop, I’ll send all the product to the shop for you to pick-up. That will be your service point for replacement parts etc.

Final reminders:

  • Don’t forget we have a no-questions asked 2-year warranty policy.
  • Have your own custom named and designed pole for only $5 extra per pair.
  • All of our products come from manufactures within the North American continent supporting the creation of 120 jobs.
  • Check out our latest YouTube demonstration videos on our website

Hope to hear from you soon.

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