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Cold could impact Vasa races

Fri, Feb  13, 2015 - By Vasa

We are about hours from the start of Vasa 2015.  Work continues on all aspects of our various events, including trail prep, plowing, tent set-up, packet stuffing, and a host of other activities. 

As we approach the weekend and the weather picture becomes better defined our event situation will also become clearer.  To aid in your planning and decision-making these are our plans at this time.

Saturday's Events

Our current plan is to run all events as scheduled on Saturday.  That will change only if conditions deteriorate beyond what is forecasted.  Temperatures, while cold are expected to remain above zero.  The forest provides good shelter from the wind for almost all sections of our courses, though there are a few open areas.

Vasa 2015 will be canceled only if conditions deteriorate beyond what is forecasted, or the forecast takes a dramatic turn for the worst.  Should cancelation become necessary it will probably not occur until late Friday or very early on Saturday.  In that event, email notices will be quickly sent to all registrants, volunteers, and support services, as well as being posted on our website and sent to local radio and TV broadcasters. 

There is also a possibility that the 50km race may be reduced in length.  That decision will be based on information from groomers on the course very early on Saturday morning.  That information will be disseminated as described above.

For now, know that lots of people are working very hard to make our Festival of Races successful and safe events.

Sunday's Events

Sunday's projected temperatures are projected to below zero.  The start of the Hagerty Gran Traverse 16km Classic race and the 6km Classic race may be delayed.  If conditions deteriorate it is possible those events will be canceled.  The status of Sunday's events will be communicated either late Saturday or very early on Sunday morning.

Repeat: Cold Alert!

Preparation for racers, volunteers, and spectators also need to include measures to deal the anticipated cold temperatures and wind of the weekend.  All will need to protect exposed skin.

Athletes will need to layer up so as to keep warm and manage moisture.  Others will need to simply bundle up. 

Do your part to be prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws our way.  You may choose to change your registration to a shorter longer event.  If so, contact or inquire at onsite registration at Timber Ridge.