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Huron Meadows looking for part-time help

Tue, Feb  3, 2015 - By Ken Roth

Huron Meadows Metropark in Brighton, MI will be opening the clubhouse for skiers 7 days a week. However, they are having difficulty getting people to work the hours needed for this new operation. The park is in need of people who can work two 4-8 hour shifts for the remainder of the ski season.  The position pays $10.15 per hour. I believe there is also the possibility of getting a season pass for Buck's run and Metropark entry pass.

If there is anyone interested, please contact me ( or Jerry Cyr (

For many skiers, having the clubhouse open 7 days a week has been a long term goal.  If any of you that can make pitch in to make this happen, it will help us all.  It's an opportunity to talk skiing all day long and help spread the passion of our sport.

Huron Meadows Metropark cross country ski trails for skating and classic skiing