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Brumbaugh Cup scoring to date

Wed, Jan  21, 2015 - By Chris Jones

Here is the Brumbaugh Cup scoring for top Michigan Cup senior team for the Frosty Freestyle, Frosty Classic and the Cote Dame Marie. A couple of comments about the results.

I used the latest roster information from Ken Dawson to establish team names for each participant. However, Ken noted that he has not received rosters from all teams. As a result there may be some discrepancies between results shown and the final roster information.

Overall placings as posted on for the Frosty Classic race are combined for both men and women. The placings for the Brumbaugh Cup are separated for men and women and therefore differ from those posted on

Overall placings for the Cote Dame Marie women posted on show two 4th place overall women. The overall placings for the Brumbaugh Cup have been corrected to eliminate the issue.

TeamFrosty FreestyleKrazy KlassicCote Dame MarieYTD Total
Hanson Hills/Cross Country Ski Shop 64 48 56 168
Grand Rapids Nordic Ski Team 112 129 123 364
Vasa Ski Club 178 174 72 424
Cross Country Ski HQ 114 104 210 428
Nordic Ski Racer 181 105 193 479
Straits Striders 330 278 160 768