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Leeward side of Great Lakes get slammed

Tue, Nov  18, 2014 - By Mike Muha

The Weather Channel says expect more of the same. The large temperature difference between the Great Lakes and the air allows the air to rise quickly, generate lots of lake effect snow. Wind directions will remain stable, so the places getting lots of snow will continue getting lots of snow.

And of course it's cold. In fact, NOAA says the record low temperature of 11 degrees was tied this morning at Detroit Metro Airport. This is a long-standing record that was set in 1880.

Forecasted Michigan snowfall 11-18-2014


Areas in New York could get as much a six feet of snow!

Ohio, New York snowfall has forecast additional snow this week:

Johndee forecast

Some roads are so bad that it's hard to get to cross country ski trails!

Southeast Michigan has only received a dusting of snow. Huron Meadows Metropark has it's snow guns running so cross country skiers will have trails in the not-to-distant future.