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Michigan Cup Children's Hospital of Michigan Team Challenge

Wed, Nov  12, 2014 - By Becca Beebe

Michigan Cup teams have issued a challenge to each other and it has nothing to do with time, age groupings, ski discipline or personal bests. The Children's Hospital of Michigan Team Challenge has been initiated to bring in extra funds for the organization that the White Pine Stampede supports.  Traditionally, a small donation to Children's Hospital of Michigan is included in each skier's entry to the White Pine Stampede.

Children's Hospital of Michigan

This year, teams have challenged each other to significantly add to that small amount and go beyond the required donation.  Beth and Jack McCaig said the idea is "dazzling" and are eager to see how generous the normally competitive nordic ski racers can be. Team members will report their donations to their captains.  Totals will be figured before the 50K start. 

A perpetual trophy is in the works and will be presented during the award ceremony at the White Pine to the team that brings in the highest donation. 

So, for 2015 we will hope for good snow and generous hearts.  Who knows, perhaps the added incentive to make a difference in the life of a child will urge the skiers to faster times yet.  And those who don't finish first on the course may still finish first at the end of the day!