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Team NordicSkiRacer takes training to a new level

Sun, Aug  24, 2014 - By Mike Muha

We aren't sure about other Michigan Cup teams, but Team NordicSkiRacer takes training very seriously. This past Sunday, the team spent nearly eight hours training im preparation for the upcomng cross country ski racing season. Here's a set of exclusive photos (by Ken Roth) showing this particular training session...

Karen Dawson and Amy Amy Kostrzewa attempt to set the slash world record

aren Dawson and Amy Kostrzewa attempt to set the slash world record while doing plyometrics.

Nordic Ski Racers playing volleyball in the pool

Volleyball is a great cross training exercise./p>

Ken Dawson checking feet for injuries

Ken Dawson checking out feet for potential injuries

cross country skiers in the hot tub, hydrating and releasing muscle tension

After a serious workout, it was time to hit the hot tub to release muscle soreness and to begin rehydrating.

Last workout of the night.

Coach Muha was merciless: he required one final swim workout before the night was done.