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Goble battles Lipp for top Junior girl; XCHQ narrowly leads MI Cup

Fri, Feb  28, 2014 - By Mike Muha

Ken Dawson has just posted the Current Michigan Cup Individual Standings as of the Boyne Grinder (PDF). Says Ken,

"Going into the final individual weekend of skiing, the current results are posted.   I will have final results next week at the relays.   Current team results will also be posted separately.   Remember that where we have ties the head to head competition will results in the person being placed higher.   For right now it is just alphabetically arranged.   Please get back with me ( any changes or edits.  For those that sent corrections to me, you should see the new revised change."

The biggest battle is between Sarah Goble (Team NordicSkiRacer) and Erin Lipp for the title of top Junior Girl. Both have 992 points. Both have four wins. Lipp has beat Goble on three occasions; Goble as won over Lipp on two occasions. Lipp was set at a disadvantage by missing a turn at the Cote Dame Marie. A big battle between two great skiers.

Sean Brownell still has a decent lead over Tim Brownell, 972 to 922 for the Junior Boys.

In the Senior race, Kaitlyn Patterson leads with 992 points. 12 points ahead of Rebecca Davis. Alex Vanias has a perfect 1,000 score for the men, but Dan Yankus is a mere 4 points behind, with Milan Baic and Ryan Harris just behind, ready to take advantage of any faults.

With one weekend to go before relays it appears HH/CCSS will need to get a good turnout in order to position themselves for the team relay and try to overtake CCSH who has a slight lead. The current standings through the Grinder are:

  1. Cross Country Ski Headquarters – 29,982
  2. Hanson Hills / Cross Country Ski Shop – 28,356
  3. VASA Ski Club– 21,624
  4. Grand Rapids Nordic Ski Team – 16,371
  5. Team Nordic Ski Racer – 15,644
  6. Strait Striders – 10,853