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You may have noticed on race suits this winter...

Fri, Feb  14, 2014 - By John & Erica OHearn

You may have noticed a lot of racing suits on skiers this winter, at least I hope you have. RaceDingo is the result of an idea I had awhile back and am now going after full speed.

Here is a quick video that explains what RaceDingo is:

RaceDingo - Creating Healthy Communities from John O'Hearn on Vimeo.

The main component of RaceDingo is going to be making communities aware of the great endurance related events and people around them through our website We do this in 3 main ways:

  • The focus of our website is the endurance race map. It will show all endurance type events in the United States. We will strive to be the most comprehensive endurance calendar on the internet with results displayed on an easy to read Google map. These include but are not limited to: running races, triathlons, cycling events, mountain bike races, cross-country ski races, adventure races, swimming events, etc.
  • The social area on our site will allow athletes from beginner to veteran the ability to find friends for training and competition. You can create your own club, join other clubs and find what races your friends are competing in. The major difference between our site and competitors is we let you know what is happening before it takes place. That way if you want to join your friends for a workout or race you know about it ahead of time. No more getting to the trailhead only to see you just missed you friends going out for a ski, ride or run. RaceDingo will keep you in the loop.
  • We are not just starting a website, we are creating a brand that represents a lifestyle. People will be putting RaceDingo decals on their cars and wearing RaceDingo gear not just because it looks great but because it tells a story. It says I want more out of life then the norm. I push myself harder than most people dare. I would rather eat an energy bar on a 30 mile ride tonight than go out to dinner. It says ROAM WILD. We are not selling an endurance website, we are selling a lifestyle.

RaceDingo sports

Mantra: Creating Healthy Communities.

RaceDingo’s vision is to make communities aware of all the great endurance related events in their area and encourage participation. We envision fostering an environment where participants of all skill levels feel welcomed and eager to train and race in a friendly community. Our ambition is for no individual to feel intimidated by joining a training run or signing up for a race. This is a healthy environment where a positive mind-set is expected and we only ask that you have fun and be respectful.

I have been working on getting the site up for the past 9 months. My hope was to launch the site in early January. The company that had been working on the site for 7 months ended up not working out in a big way. So, instead of launching a site I was not very proud of we went back to the drawing board and I now have an amazing programmer making my vision come to life. As hard as it was to take a step back we will be better for it in the long run. But unfortunately as of right now the main vision that is RaceDingo is not up yet but coming very soon.

RaceDingo sports

Those good looking suits you see out on the course were made by Jakroo. A custom apparel company out of California that specializes in Cycling and Triathlon apparel but has recently started a Nordic line with amazing results. Plain and simple, these suits just feel good. They slide over your base layers with ease and don’t bunch up. I feel fast just putting the suit on. The material is very high quality and not too thick and not too thin. The best suit I have ever worn.

Right now we really appreciate all the help and support we have received from family and friends and especially the amazing ski community. Although the main site is not up yet we are selling apparel on We would really appreciate it if you take a look at what we have and make a purchase if you see something you like. We will be adding to our apparel line in the near future with logos from other sports.

Thank you so much for your support –
John & Erica O’Hearn

RaceDingo sports