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NordicSkiRacer commenting policy

Tue, Jan  21, 2014 - By Mike Muha

A recent article on the fatbike controversy elicited comments that were rude and inappropriate. Reasonable discussion among people with opposing viewpoints is one of the foundations of the United States. Calling people names is not.

To combat against bad behavior, I am implementing the following Commenting Policy:

Comments should be contained to the topic of the articles only. Comments that stray from the direct subject of the article will be deleted.

  1. Readers are free to comment on and debate other readers’ comments, but comments must specifically address the issue(s) raised.

  2. Comments containing personal insults directed toward another reader in any form will be deleted.

  3. Comments must be civil in tone, and there will be no name calling of any kind. Uncivil or inappropriate comments will be deleted, as will any comment containing profanities.

  4. Comments that are potentially libelous, including those that contain accusations not supported by facts, will be deleted.

Commenters who abuse these policies will have their comments deleted.