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No Fat Tire Bikes t-shirts

Tue, Jan  7, 2014 - By Dave Hietikko

Someone's not going to like me posting this article, but there are people who are concerned about fat bikes and cross country skiers sharing the same trail...and I like a litte controversy to get people dicussing an issue - Mike Muha]

I am the guy that made up the long sleeve shirts addressing the fat tire bikes on the trail problem. Ironic thing is that I am primarily a bike racer, but do a fair amount of skiing too, (3rd in age group in 20k at White Pine last  year and 4th at VASA in 27k last year). I ski mostly at Crystal and we deal with it a little over there but I about lost my mind when I saw the article earlier this winter in Northern Express about bikes on the VASA. Since then I have been hearing horror stories about the problem.

I just ordered a few shirts for me and a few friends and then other skiers said they had to have one. If you want one let me know and I will get another order going. They would be $35 - $40 depending on how many I order. Good news is that I get them back in 3-4 days from ordering. My design front and back but they can go on any shirts they offer. I did long sleeve cotton for the first run.


Design Preview


Design Preview