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Black Mountain 15 km Classic Flash Race

Mon, Dec  23, 2013 - By Denny Paull

Black Mountain 15km Classic Flash RaceThere will be a 15 km. classic style "flash" race at Black Mountain near Cheboygan at 11:00 AM on Sunday December 29th. The Bluffs bar and grill (10905 High Bluffs Rd Cheboygan 49721) will open early for us on Sunday at about 10:00 . The race will start either directly in front of the Bar or in the adjacent DNR parking lot at 11:00. There will be no official timing, placement, awards or anything else for the event. The Bluffs will be open for food.drinks and recovery after the race.

There seemed to be a lot of enthusiasm for this event at the freestyle races this past weekend and many of us really need a warm up classic event before the Noquemanon since there are so few on the Michigan Cup schedule.any question, contact Denny Paull at