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Decoder ring for Noquemanon trail names

Wed, Dec  11, 2013 - By NTN

A word about the trails, their names and which to ski:

Noquemanon Trail Network cross country skierWith over 50 km of groomed trails one needs a decoder ring to keep them straight. So, following you will find such a decoder device. I recommend reading this section with the Noquemanon Trail Map open (click the link to open in a new window).

Noque’: This one is easy. The Noquemanon Ski Marathon’s last 24k run from Co Rd 550 to the Superior Dome. Our Forestville trail head is at the 10k mark. From the trail head to 18k the trail is mostly gently rolling terrain. There is a gentle climb to the power lines at 11k and then a hill by pass via Animoosh to avoid a nice set of hills between 11k and 12k. From 19k to 24k at Co Rd 510 you will find a nice series of long hills. We typically can’t groom beyond the bridges at 16k before several significant snow events due to rough terrain in the swamp past the bridge.

Animoosh: Animoosh runs roughly parallel to the Noque’ and is the route where skiers may run their dogs. It is similar terrain to the Noque’. We have extended Animoosh this year so dogs can be kept separate all the way to Great Plains Junction at 13k. Animoosh then continues as the South fork at the Pine Plantation re-joining the Noque’ at 18k.

The “Wajis”: The advanced and expert skiing are on Bagwaji and Chiwaji to the North East of the Noque’. To ski the “Wajis” one typically leaves the trail head on the Noque and takes the first right on Papasay less than 1k from the stadium. Take the first left on Gookookoo and cross the power lines to Hemlock Junction. Following a gradual climb keep right where Migizi joins. The Wajis are one way (counter clock wise) due to the steep and winding trails. There are two cut offs before reaching the Noque at the 14k mark. The Waji skier returns from 14k via Mukwa for .5k to the Chiwaji intersection. Follow Chiwaji 3k going up and down a series of hills (with by passes available) to Waban. Waaban is a nice winding flat loop off the Noque’. Follow Waaban to the Noque’ at Grand Central and then Migizi back to Gookookoo and home.

Inner Loops: There are a number of loops close to the trail head. Collectively I tend to call them the “Inner Loops”. Papasay, Zhing and Boozhoo provide skiers with trails within sight of the trail head. There is a FIS quality “sprint” loop for sprint events.

Grooming Priority: Given unlimited money and man power we would groom all trails every night. Given limited resources we typically need to make grooming decisions. We will always plan on keeping the Noque to 17k and Animoosh groomed every day. Then, time permitting we will work on the Wajis. Following the Waji loop we will run to Co Rd 510. Grooming all of the above listed trails takes close to 8 hours. So, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities if you would like to join the exciting world of trail grooming.