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Support CXC Skiing with a tax-deducatable gift!

Tue, Dec  10, 2013 - By Yuriy Gusev

Support Our Sport

Support Our Sport

Dear friends,

As of today we have raised $12,326 towards our goal of $40,000! Thank you! We have 22 days to meet our goal and we need your help.

I would like to share a note with you that I received few days ago from a teacher in WI.

"SOCHI" Mittens


Free gift of "SOCHI" mittens with your donation of $100 or more!

"Thanks to all of you for your hard work in making skiing a possibility for the students at our school!  We are looking forward to the opportunity to give them an alternative recreational activity this winter."

Would you like to see elementary school children experience Nordic skiing just like they get introduced to basketball, football and soccer? CXC has a commitment from 16 elementary schools around the Midwest to introduce our sport in physical education classes, recess and/or after school programs.

We have excited teachers and school coordinators, a step-by-step teaching manual, local ski clubs ready to assist with volunteers and simple-to-use Nordic skis suited for fun.

We need your support to complete this program: $1, $5 or $50 will help us get kids on skis. With a $100 donation or more you will get a special gift from Team USA - "SOCHI" mittens.

Together we can make a difference. Please help develop cross-country skiing generation by generation!

Yuriy Gusev
Executive & Athletic Director

Yuriy Gusev
Executive & Athletic Director
Central Cross Country Ski Association
Community Olympic Development Program






Our Story

John and Leslie Taylor have challenged CXC with a matching grant to develop and promote Nordic skiing for all ages and abilities. This is a 2:1 matching grant, so we need to raise $40,000 to leverage the $20,000 from our generous benefactors. This new donor opportunity provides a way for anyone to give back to our sport through CXC Programs. These CXC programs are the backbone of ski development and promotion in the Midwest.

Current CXC Programs

Youth Program

Nordic Rocks: introducing children to cross country skiing through elementary schools.

Club Development and Recognition Program

Club Development and Recognition: assisting clubs with resources, expertise, and sharing best practices between ski clubs.

Coaches Education and Certification

Coaches Education and Certification: providing coaches with fundamental principles of coaching, technique, First Aid and CPR.

Adaptive Program

Adaptive Program: introducing children, adults and veterans with physical disabilities, visual impairment or blindness by providing them with equipment and offering opportunities for year-round participation.

CXC TEAM Program

CXC Team: providing full-time coaching, training and race support for a few talented post-high school and post-college athletes to develop them towards national and international excellence.

Junior Development Program

Junior Development: providing full-time coaching and training opportunities for junior athletes.

CXC Para Nordic Team

CXC Para Nordic Team: providing full-time coaching, training and race support for few talented athletes with physical disabilities and visual impairment/blindness to develop them towards national and international excellence in Nordic Skiing and Biathlon.